Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Tough Customer, Three Times

This shows the development of a sketchbook doodle from its original state, (long sleeves, no birds), to its second state, (black tank top, birds), and then to its final state, (long sleeves return, birds gone, color added). The third version, one might notice, has thicker, brushier lines than the previous images. I used Adobe's Streamline to autotrace the first sketch, transforming it into vectors; I then applied a stroke to it in the wonderful little vector graphics program EXPRESSION, by CreatureHouse. Microsoft bought the program in 2002 or so, took it off the market for a bit, and brought it back as part of their EXPRESSION Suite, intended for web-building. It was discontinued by Microsoft a year or so back. Microsoft did not develop it for the Mac, and so I retain CreatureHouse's app on my Mac for occasional use. I wish the original developers would buy back the rights and reintroduce it to market. It is/was much simpler and more intuitive to use than Illustrator, and it could produce more natural-looking artwork...and it was just plain fun to use. 

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