Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I was doing some reluctant housecleaning the other day and I came across this...a photocopied image of a drawing. At first I wondered, "What is this? Who drew this?" As I studied it, it occurred to me that I had drawn it! I wondered why I had drawn it and, again, who was this person? I don't know where the original drawing is...perhaps it's a page in one of my sketchbooks, or is on a loose sheet I will eventually find elsewhere among my drawings. It did dimly occur to me who this was and why I drawn this picture. It had nothing to do with who this man was...he was John Fairchild, long-time (and now-deceased) editor of WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY, a long-lived and prominent fashion industry trade magazine. I am not particularly interested in women's fashion beyond admiring women whose attractiveness is enhanced or highlighted by something they happen to be wearing, and I have never seen a copy of WWD. I recall I had come upon a photograph of John Fairchild in some magazine, probably part of an article profiling him. I drew him simply to practice drawing a face. The photograph must have seemed bold or otherwise dramatic to me, and one that would serve as a good source to draw from. The drawing is no masterpiece, but coming upon it unexpectedly, having totally forgotten it, I am pleased enough with how it turned out. I'm thinking now I should get back to work practicing my drawing of faces!