Sunday, January 22, 2017

NYC 1980s Punkers

I knew a girl at work whose brother played bass for MURPHY'S LAW, a NYC hardcore punk band big in the 80s. She said they were looking for an artist to draw an album cover for them, and she asked me if I were interested. I was, and the band asked her to have me provide samples of my drawings. This is one that I sent to them. I can't recall if I sent anything else, but this drawing scotched my chance to draw their album cover. I made this sketch by drawing people from two photos in an article in NEW YORK Magazine about the NY hardcore scene. Apparently, someone in the band had a beef with one or both of these people in real life, and my having randomly chosen to draw them incurred his displeasure.  (I wasn't interested in the NY hardcore scene--or hardcore in general--so I was not familiar with the band's music or any of the internecine politics of the scene.)

Later, on a band trip to Los Angeles, the band member who was my work colleague's brother was stabbed to death in a completely random street encounter with a couple of young toughs.

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