Friday, March 25, 2016

Punk Frankenstein Meets the Hot Mumma!

I don't remember why I drew this picture. Probably for no other reason than that I had the idea in mind and it amused me. I had no expectation of it being published or used anywhere, so that was not the motivation. I did exhibit it, along with another drawing (or two?) at one of the annual cartooning exhibitions held at the long-gone but dearly missed art bar, Max Fish, on Ludlow Street, just below East Houston. The area was very different then than now. These shows were curated by Danny Hellman and featured New York's creme de la creme of talented and hip alternative cartoonists, such as Kaz, Tony Millionaire, Hellman himself, and many more, along with the unknown and unwashed aspirants to become peers of the aforementioned. Some few of them made it, most did not.

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